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What do you think would happen if you woke up in a person's arms, and that person was taking you somewhere? Somewhere far away, but you couldn't make out the figure of who this person was? the limbs felt warm and muscular so you had to assume it was a man. You doze off  and wake up back in your room....

Hi. I'm Georgia. Just Georgia. I HATE my last name. It's very unique and weird. I'm fifteen years old and am a single girl. Technically i'm a woman though since i had my Quince which states me being a woman. It was last night. I had only been there a few minutes before someone offered me my first drink as a woman. I didn't hesitate, though i still thought it was wrong as i started drinking it. It was great! I didn't want to stop. Unfortunately the thought of getting drunk left my mind, and after a while, I got tipsy...

Everything was a blur after that. I do remember doing some crazy stuff. I guess you can say i hooked up with this guy, we made out a bit and eventually made it to the bed... That's when i woke up from the blur and ran at least 2 miles back home. (by the way, the Quince was at my friends house.) Usually no one's supposed to look back but I did. I saw his eyes literally go RED. Yeah, Red. he looked mad and I think I heard a growl, but it was probably just my mind from all the drinking.

When I got home I passed out on my bed and had a nightmare. I was in my bed and my eyes wouldn't open all the way. I couldn't get up either. I felt too heavy, so heavy that I couldn't get up. After a few minutes, this silhouette came in through the window. I closed my eyes and everything went blank. I woke up in someones arms. That person was running pretty fast. I looked up and these bulging red eyes looked down at me. With a growl, the person ran faster. After a few minutes I realized it was a man. I got scared. A few minutes later i dozed off and woke up in my bed in the middle of the night. Confused, I go back to sleep.

My alarm clock woke me up. I got up and got all ready for school when suddenly, as i was looking at myself in the mirror, there were pieces of my arm missing, like they were torn off almost showing the bone. My mouth dropped and I immediately grabbed my jacket to hide it.

It left a few spaces but I have to say it worked. The whole day at school no one noticed. No one, except....

My ex-boyfriend, George. Yeah pretty weird isn't it? George and Georgia. That's actually one thing that made us feel like we were connected in some way. Unfortunately, he lost his virginity to a girl that he cheated on me with. He said he didn't remember anything, he swore to his dad's grave.

His dad had died the night he cheated. I had known and had been calling him telling him that his dad was in the tree-house where we use to hang out all the time as 7th graders. I wasn't there when it happened but i was running away from a creepy man that seemed like a pedophile rapist or something and saw the dead bloody shirt on his body (weird that only his shirt had been full of blood, everywhere else was clean). No one really knows what happened. Apparently, he fell off the tree-house and coughed out the blood on his shirt. Well that's what the police and investigators had said. I thought it was a murder, rephrase that, I KNEW for a fact that it was a murder.

That very next day, i went to school and saw Carrisa a.k.a the girl George cheated on me with. She seemed so confident with her chin up and her long orange curls bouncing off to the back of her hair as if they were running from her. When she came up to be with a smile, she whispered in my ear, "I think you would've done better with him last night". My eyes widened. I knew exactly what she meant by that. A tear, just one, rolled down my cheek and my fury poured when I found George in his locker and gave him a good, not slap, but punch right in the nose. Blood gushed from his nose.

He seemed so confused when he asked me, "What the hell was that for?". I stared at him with a serious face, tightened up lips, and a raised eyebrow right when Carrisa popped in a few seconds later and came up to him. She stared into his eyes. I then got heartbroken when he gave a sexy smile back and they kissed. He then opened his eyes and shoved her away. I knew he remembered that time when he looked as if he were thinking and said, "I didn't! I swear! Look at me i'm only 14 here!" (it was in the 8th grade). I was still 13 and Carrisa's age was unknown. I walked away and never spoke to him since. It was said the next day that Carrisa left the school and moved somewhere, but nobody actually knew where....

                                                               *TO BE CONTINUED*
A story I'm attempting to write....
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July 31, 2011
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